Digital Fashion Week

Was honored to get invited to attend the Digital Fashion Week together with Deborah. Been looking forward to attend any Fashion events ever since the FIDe Fashion week which I will blog about soon (It's quite a long post)

Wanted to try out a smart-classy look for this event so I decided to go all neutral that day. Wore my fav Leopard Printed bustier top from and paired it with a leather skater skirt from
Threw on a Camel colored suede jacket and put on my matching suede Beret that I have not worn since I was 10 (Bought alot of berets when I was younger cuz i thought it was cool :P)

Loving my current fav clutch cuz the quality is superb! I have a few clutches in my bags collection but most of them are so soft and flimsy. But i'm very amazed with this studded clutch from as it is very sturdy. Will blog more about their awesome superb quality bags soon! 

Photo courtesy of Dice Photography

Had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market earlier that day. 

Met Deborah at Cityhall and then we traveled to the event location. Since we are quite early, we took some pictures before going in.

Some pics at the Grey(?) Carpet. Love how our outfit goes so well together! It's not even a planned outfit but I guess great minds think alike? :P Both of us are wearing a leather skater skirt and an outerwear, I call our outfit, the 'London Girls' outfit LOLOL 

They served us some drinks before the show started. And omg Im such a sweet tooth. Just had to have their icecream by the Marble Slab people. 

And the show started! Here's a few pictures of the Al & Alicia Spring Summer 2014 Collection. I actually took a video and wanted to upload it up here but too bad im such a noob, I don't know how to transfer it to my computer T_T

When the show ended, we proceeded up to the showroom to view their collection. Loving their bold statement pieces! They are very unique it's like paint splattered on you when you wear it.

Round 2 of icecream while waiting for the last show. But we decided to skip it in the end and went shopping!

Had such a fun day with Deborah that day, taking pictures and all. Loving the shopping part the most cuz it's fun when your shopping partner has the same style as you!

Bought some really cute clothing at only $10 each! 
Will do a Haul-post for the month of Oct & Nov + shopping tips soon <3 Do stay tuned for that :*

Bustier Top:
Leather Skater Skirt:
Studded Leather Clutch:


Anonymous said…
Love this look!
MAXCE said…
You look so adorable! I love your cute skirt <3
Love from France <3
Alexandra said…
I like your blog.
I follow you and I hope you can follow me back
Corinna said…
Perfect outfit ;) nive pictures!

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