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I am really hating the weather in Singapore recently as it's been raining and raining and raining almost every single day :(
Been wanting to have a casual day out this week without doing anything work related. So today's the day! Sun shining, birds singing (not really). So lazy day out it is! :P

Even tho it's kind of a casual lazy day out, I wore something not so 'lazy', but comfy at the same time! 
This is 100% inspired by @heyitsannabanana on Instagram. You've probably seen this on her before! 
Wore my super comfy bat wing top courtesy of They are so sweet to send me 3 more items but i'll write about it on another post. Paired it with this Eyelet Skater Skirt that I have featured several times before cuz it's so so versatile! Sweetens up any outfit too cuz of the floral eyelet details. 

Yeah so this me doing the Michael Jackson pose. Hat is from River Island. 
I swear it makes any outfit look formal by just wearing it. Every girl should have something like this in their closet! 

Here's the details of my outfit.
Really loving how the crochet top and the eyelet details of the skirt compliment one another so so well!
I'm not really a accessories kind of person cuz I don't really feel comfortable with stuffs hanging around. So i'm wearing my dream catcher necklace that goes well with almost anything!
Cinched the waist with a black bow belt with gold metal details I got for only $5. Loving it so so much cuz it makes any plain outfit look cute. 

Behold! Most comfortable heels i've ever worn! 
Maybe cuz all my other killer heels are super high and makes me fall down and have blisters, or these are just truly comfortable.
Heels like these are the best for walking cuz there is a platform at the front so you won't tip-toe that much, and it's strappy so it doesn't fall off.
Been ditching my slippers for these heels already these few days cuz i was like.. 'Why wear comfy but ugly slippers when you can wear comfy and cute heels, and also make you 3 inch taller!?' :P

Thank you so much @thriftxsales for these heels. There are 3 basic colors available. Black, White and Nude. I think i might go get the other 2 colors also cuz really, it's very very comfy HAHA
Check out their instagram page! @thriftxsales

Went to visit To-Gather Cafe for the second time since their opening. 
Since I live around that area, I would always pass by that cafe when it was still renovating. 
I was so happy cuz like FINALLY there is a super cute cafe just a walk away from home. 
When the renovation was almost complete, I would just pass by that cafe to see if they have already opened HAHAH. 

So like finally! A place for me and my friends who live around the same area, to chillax and have lunch here.
Really love what they did to the whole place! Every angle you look is like a piece of art. They focus on every tiny bit of details. So don't mind if all the pictures taken are more about the cafe interior :P

Why so cute T___T My room needs to be like that also hahaha

So this is today's Soup Of The Day! I heard that their Cream of Mushroom is really good. Need to try it the next time!

The types of teas they have. I spy an Earl Grey Lavender tea! Sounds pretty :P

They also have a wide selection of cheese cakes. They told me that their Lava cake is really popular among the customers with sweet tooth, so I had to get it! :P But their Matcha Red Bean is also highly raved so it's worth a try too.

I'm not really a coffee drinker and don't know how to differentiate between Lattés to Cappuccinos to Frappachinos, so don't ask me what is that. I only know how to drink Green Tea Latte hahhahh

Oh hey! Rare pic of me closed up. :P I was told to post more selfies but all my selfie picture qualities are too low. Anyway, To-Gather Cafe serves the BEST Seafood Aglio Olio ever tasted. -as told by my friend who is an Aglio Olio eater who can judge which is a meh, and which is an awesome Aglio Olio. 

My friend, Jasmine and me got the Thai Chicken Cubes the first time we came here together, so I decided to order it this time round again cuz it's so yummy! 

Picture taken above is inspired by Aimee Song from SongofStyle. She's so fashionable that her food pics are so fashionable too. What's this!? Okay back to their interior design. Really love it so much!

Quotes on their walls. And check out the utensils area. Why so cute!?

There's a little play room for the little kids to play in too! How thoughtful!

Yup! So now you know where I wrote this blog post (or at least half of it). At the cafe itself! :P 

Only opened for a few days, and u can already see people kept walking in.  Truly happy for the sweetest staffs at To-gather cafe. Once again, congratulations on the opening!

To-Gather Cafe
Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4

Crochet Batwing Top: Lookbookstore
Wide Brimmed Hat: River Island
Platform Heels: Thriftxsales ($25)

Outfit pictures photographed by: Lloydsen G.
Cafe pictures photographed by Yours Truly 


M.S.M said…
Hi darling!!! I follow u too!!!! Yummy food!

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Unknown said…
Really great outfit, you look like a doll!
Love your skirt.


Lima che said…
Hello Sweety, you look beautiful in this outfit! I love your hat so much <3 Nice post!
Do you want to follow each other?
Love, Lima xoxo
Vale ♥ said…
I love your outfit, so cute, especially the top, I like the flared sleeves so much ! I also love the cafe pics, wonderful post :)

Fashion and Cookies
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You look so pretty! Love the crochet top :)
come and visit my blog if you like <3
Rin Handika said…
Really really enjoyed read your blog, esp this post, you look so super beautiful here, and you have a beautiful hair so muchh :))
Unknown said…
love love love the whole look, you look like a princess

Rumela said…
Lovely top and great styling.
Hui Ting said…
Love your outfit and such a beautiful cafe =)! I would love to visit if I have a chance soon. Xoxo
woow, so cute outfit, you look like a doll :))
Beautiful pics and thanks for your nice comment! I already am following you on bloglovin !
Ana Castilho said…
omg you are so sweet and adorable :)
Andrea said…
Normally I say what I like the most about the outfit, but, in this case I can't choose. Everything is zoo beautiful! And the place where you eat, I WOULD LOOOVE TO GO THERE!

Grea post, I send you a huge chic kiss from
Unknown said…
Such a cool n chic top, yummy food too there !
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JANICE G said…
very feminie :) thx for following, will do the same :)

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Mitha Komala said…
love your top and shoes! you look gorgeous <3

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