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Hahaha my friends call this the 'Rich TaiTai look'. sent me 2 bags for me to style and i'm loving this whole look! When I saw this bag, I knew I had to bring out my Peach color Faux Fur Jacket to go with it. 
It's inner lining is made of satin so it actually still feels quite cooling even under this super warm weather. But people will still look at me as if im crazy LOL.

Anyway, check out that glossy shine of this bag! It is in a beautiful shade of Ruby Red. Many of you have seen brand inspired bags that are of mehhh quality. One look, you know that the faux leather will peal off after a few days. 
But i am so SO surprised that this bag is of a really good quality. It is made of a higher grade of PU leather which means it won't peal off like your other cheapo bags :x It also keeps it's shape and is really sturdy. 

Yay for matchy toes and my Ruby Red bag!
You can get this Inspired Boy CC Bag (red) from
Other colors are also available! 

My London Girl outfit for Digital Fashion Week last month. 
Brought out this Carmen Studded Clutch just the next day I received them from ShopKysse!

I've always been a fan of  leather items because they will never go out of trend. Whether they are white, brown or black leather, they can go with almost anything! 
Therefore, this Leather studded clutch is my current fav clutch so far. The studs give you that edgy look to any outfits you pair them with!

Really loving the gold details of the studs and zip. Yes, that zip is just a decoration :P
In order that your items don't fall out easily, Like if you accidentally hold it upside down, (HAHA I think only me >.<) there is 1 magnetic button bellow and 2 hidden ones at the sides, just above the flap. 

I am also very anal about choosing a bag that is right for me.
(Yah don't laugh, anal is a word that comes from 'anal retentive' go search it up you pervert! -.-)
1) I must make sure that the material will not peal off after awhile.
2) Bag openings must be very secured when closed so your items won't slip out from any small openings This also prevent pick-pockets from stealing your stuffs! *important note*
3) It must be Sturdy and keep it's shape! I am the kind of girl who throws my stuffs in instead of placing it at their 'correct' compartment. So if you are like me, you need sturdy bags like ShopKysse's bags! Unless you want all your things to become so 'kiam chai' at the end of the day. :P
4) Ofcos your bag must look super nice right!? This is important cuz even if it meets requirements 1,2 and 3, nobody cares if it doesn't look nice hahah!

Gotta love bags from cuz it meets my Perfect Bag requirements! 
Their bags are of a good material, secured when close with no mini openings, sturdy and very fashionable!
Shop bags from $15 at
Quick! They sell out super fast.

Photographed by Dice Photography
They do Lookbook and cover page shoots!
Feel free to contact them for personal or blogshop photography


Unknown said…
Looking very cute dear ;))

New Post up…
Bianca said…
LOOOVE your furry jacket!! Please state where you got it please
amazing style and blog pretty girl! Would you like follow each order? Let me now, kisses xx

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