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Photo Courtesy of Dice Photography

Fav shot!

One of my personal fav outfit planned quite a long time ago but didn't have a chance to wear it. I was saving for a good photoshoot place and that day was the perfect day to wear it out!! My corset top is hand-studded by me and can be purchased on my clothing line- Fauxfeathers.net, at the end of this week. Only the white one is currently up on my site! But decided to bring back the black one due to high in demand. 

Wore something that LOOKs like a kimono but it's actually an oversized chiffon+lace button down collared shirt. But i call it a kimono anyway :P Since the studs on my lace corset is gold, i decided to wear a gold headchain purchased off ebay for only $3 specially for this photoshoot. Gosh i love shopping for china stuffs from ebay!

Planned to travel all the way to Punggol with my girls and our fav photographer for this shoot! And wow that place is so so beautiful! I mean, check out the view!! 

Finally met up with all 4 of my girls together! Since last year, we have never ever met up together because 1 is either busy or have some plans. So ofcos, we had to do what a typical girl clique would do. Jump shot!! :D

Beautiful pic i took of Jasmine while walking back to the washroom to change our clothes. Grainy pic because it was taken with my shitty iphone4s >.<

Shag pic of all 5 of us because it was such a tiring day, battling mosquitoes and bees LOL! 

If you are wondering where you can purchase the Leopard Printed Highwaisted Shorts i wore for this post, they will be sold at a flea on the 19th october! Sneak preview of the clothing i will be selling at the flea, up on the next post :* (it's gonna be an exciting one!)

Thank you Dice Photography for the amazing pictures, yet again!! Be sure to check them out for amazing photos!
Instagram: @Dice_Photographyy


ice pandora said…
The first picture is STUNNING!
Great section and location c:
The styling is nice as well!
luh said…
Omg I'm in love I wish I could go.. :(
I really like this blog ^^

Unknown said…
The post is awesome
The photos are great
xx, Malena
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