Love Ladurée

Fav pic up there! That's why its the first picture :P

Photo courtesy of  Dice Photography

 Woot! Made a trip down to the Ladurée boutique yesterday and gosh, the interior design.. smell.. everything in there is so magical!! Thought i should wear something to match the design of this boutique for some picture taking afterwards because im such a fan of the pastel-french decor.

 Haha no more frowny faces in my pictures! I realize i really can't do the fierce look because i look bad in them LOL! I wonder how the other girls do it.

Picture credits to for the macaron pictures bellow! 
(Because I don't think we are allowed to take pictures of them in the boutique, we almost got chased away even while taking pictures outside HAHA)

-About This Look-
Ahhh, the sweet and fresh color of seafoam green! Im so in love with Ladurée's design and packaging. Designer Macarons indead! So that's why i decided to take this chance to dress up like im part of the boutique for some picture taking. I am a sucker for french interior design and that's why my bedroom is partially inspired by it :P Wore my White Criss-Cross Bralet to go with this cute Seafoam Grean with white Mini Hearts Highwaisted Skirt! I know right!? How cute is this skirt? I'll put down the link on how to get it, bellow. Brought out my only White Mini Purse that i have (which is also my fav because it's heart shaped :D), and slipped on my Green and White Bow Heels to finish off the look. Yeah it looks like it comes in a set haha!

-Where To Get It-
White Criss-Cross Bralet- Thrifted
Seafoam Grean with white Mini Hearts Highwaisted Skirt- Lindsay's Closet
(Will be available in more colors soon!)
White Mini Purse- Lookbooksg
Green and White Bow Heels- Factory Outlet

Oh! And don't forget to check out Dice Photography because they take lovely pictures!!
Follow their page too! Feel free to contact them if you need any lookbook pictures for your online store.
They take amazing Lookbook pics!
Instagram: @Dice_Photographyy
Once again, Thank you so much for these amazing pictures! Just the way i want them to turn out!

Usual instagram #OOTD Layout! 
Hope i made you crave for macarons after reading this Ladurée post :P


M.S.M said…

Don't miss my URBAN outfit of the day w/ an ETHINC print --> totally EASY CHIC ::

Yasmine said…
Such a cute outfit! Love the photos. Gorgeous. Also, you have stunning legs! x

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Magdalee said…
Such amazing hair and cute outfit! Definitely would wear this! xx
Lima che said…
OMG you look so lovely <3 I adore this look and those candy chocolates look great mmmmm <3 Beautiful pictures!
I follow you with pleasure, follower 19 that's me :) Follow back would be great! Big Love, Lima xoxo
Unknown said…
Beautiful lady spotted! :P you got me craving for macarons at 6 in the morning! Your outfit does look like it comes in a set. Those heels are just lovely xx
Unknown said…
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! i love your skirt and i love your shoes..and also how much u are beautiful!!!!!
keep in touch..come to find me on my's my pleasure to have connection with a great blogger like you.kissesss
Anonymous said…
How funny I can never master the fierce frowny look either..oh well! Your look is sweet as pie and those macarons look absolutely amaaaazing!

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Destiny Lam said…
Seafoam green is my favorite color and you have styled it so well! Love the matching outfit with the macaron store. You nailed it!
Deborah said…
I love how sweet, feminine and cute this outfit is! Seafoam is a lovely color and the shape of your skirt is so adorable! Great post!

xo Deborah
Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes
zaza said…
wow this is so cute! I love it
PrncszTffny said…
Omg these pictures are sooo cute! Love your outfit <3
Marimar said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I knew in yours!
a fantastic look, I love the top and you have lcombinado great with that skirt and shoes!
Unknown said…
Such a pretty outfit, love the pastel green skirt and you look adorable!

Feisty Fox Diaries
Pinkoolaid said…
your outfit goes so well with the shop interiors :) so cute and pretty <3
Love your pics!!! Love your blog!
Totally agree with following each other!!! Do you have a FB page?

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