Falling Daisies

Photo Courtesy of Dice Photography

Sudden change of season trend from the previous summery post. Now it's fall fashion!! Love how all the colors this season are more toned down, and ladies bringing out their knitted cardigan to throw over their summer clothing- like this studded bustier from my Summer Clothing Line. Yes! You can re-style previous season clothing by just tweaking the whole look a little!

Photoshoot featuring my sweetheart, Jasmine. So in love with her transparent handmade statement necklace with a tint of gold on it! It's so classy and makes the whole look so stylish. Her shorts are handmade too! It was cut from a pair of highwaisted vintage jeans that she thrifted. And it's not a normal pair of highwaisted shorts. It's suede material!! So perfect for Fall.

Yet another amazing shoot courtesy of Dice Photography. Thank you so much!! Love how all the pictures turn out (And i really love how the photographer takes pictures of an angle where it can make our legs longer and our faces smaller :P) 
Do check out their Facebook page and their new Instagram!

Instagram: @Dice_Productionsz
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-About This Look-
Yay for Fall fashion! This is my very first fall inspired outfit. (Or second, if you count my Summer-Fall outfit in) Im so in love with this Daisy Studded Bustier. It's so comfy and the prints are just so so cute! I get so excited when i see anything daisy printed HAHA. I had always wanted to get a Leather Skater Skirt ever since the trend started about 2 years ago. But i changed my mind when i see so many girls in Singapore wearing them. Now that the trend has subsided, I decided to add this skirt in my closet! Love it because it's so versatile. Threw on a Knitted Cardigan that i have thrifted not far from my home. I also brought out this simple Leather Sling Purse that fits my wallet and phone perfectly. Slipped on some Black Leather Litas and this Fall inspired look is complete!

-Where I Got Them-
Daisy Studded Bustier: Fauxfeathers.net
Leather Skater Skirt c/o ShopJulien.net
Knitted Cardigan: Thrifted
Leather Sling Purse: Thrifted
Black Leather Litas: Jasmine's

And here's my usual instagram OOTD and outfit layout!


ice pandora said…
You look lovely c: Love
the daisy bustier! And
you guys swapped shoes :P
Unknown said…
Amazing girlm you look like a princess

Unknown said…
Amazing! Your cardigan looks so good for fall xx

Wow!!! I love your look!! This top with the leather skirt and your jacket, make a super stylish combo!!!
I follow you via Bloglovin' and lookbook!!

KarolinaSz said…
You look amazing :) I love your skirt ! :)
Alexa said…
i love bustiers! they are so fun. unfortunately can't wear them much in the winter, but a great summer staple!


Pinkoolaid said…
such a refreshing change from the summer outfits :) I love the knit and the pleather combo, such a nice texture match!

Brandy Velda said…
Really love your bustier! All the colors go so well together
Oh you're so gorgeous and Ilove your style! Following you :D

Unknown said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I LOVE your style and your beautiful blog. I've followed on bloglovin and fanned on lookbook.
Laura. xx

Unknown said…
Absolutely love the look, the daisy bustier is so wow !
Do visit my blog soon and I would love for you to participate in my First International Giveaway from Ozel Lifestyle !

International Giveaway from Ozel Lifestyle
Feisty Fox Diaries
Sabrina said…
You look so amazing. Love the look of the edgy crop top and leather with the soft oversized cardigan! Amazing photography!

Anonymous said…
You look absolutely fantastic, I really mean it, love your bustier with cardigan's combination it look so powerful! You friend also looks gorgeous and stylish!

Have a good rest of the week
Bernadette Czle said…
really love your outfit here, so lovely xx
Unknown said…
Stylish! Nice colors!

Miky said…
Great look! I love tour top and the skirt!
Miky <3

Unknown said…
love the whole outfit! glad i found your blog.
hope you visit my blog and we could follow each other on fb or bloglovin:)

That's a really nice look, love the sunglasses and how you style that outfit ! :)

I follow you now on bloglovin :)

Jeanette Meow said…
You look stunning! Love your hair :)
Cassandra Too said…
This outfit is so chic! I love the daisies prints of your top. The styling is cute!

Btw I followed you back on bloglovin! :D

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cassandra xx

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